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AAL17 Gimpy Williams Antigua And Barbuda
AAL16 Mark Miles United States
AAL15 Aaron Burt United States
AAL14 Richard Metzdorf United States
AAL13 Donald Tidwell United States
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Dangerous Approach #2 - 07/18/2015
Flight Jobs Available - 07/15/2015
Nascar Tour - 07/11/2015
Charter Center Available - 07/02/2015
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VA Web Hosting: www.flightunlimited.net
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FUNcars Available

Flight Unlimited Network VA Custom Acars!

Now available in Downloads.

Posted by Dan McMahan on 07/29/2015
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Airline Flt # PIC Aircraft Dep Arr Submitted Landing Status
AAL1234592 Mark Miles C208 PHNL PHKO 07/19/2015 0 fpm Arrived
AAL1DA Mark Miles B738 LFMN LICR 07/19/2015 -76 fpm Arrived
AAL1DA Clifford Barry A343 LFMN LICR 07/19/2015 -392 fpm Arrived
AAL1DA Dan McMahan B737 LFMN LICR 07/19/2015 -300 fpm Arrived
AALNC9 Dan McMahan B737 KMEM KRIC 07/18/2015 -234 fpm Arrived
AALNC8 Dan McMahan B737 KDFW KMEM 07/18/2015 -164 fpm Arrived
AALNC7 Dan McMahan B737 KGSO KDFW 07/18/2015 -208 fpm Arrived
AALNC6 Dan McMahan B737 KLAX KGSO 07/17/2015 -173 fpm Arrived
AAL121N Dan McMahan B744 KLAX KJFK 07/16/2015 -102 fpm Arrived
AAL123N Dan McMahan B744 KJFK KLAX 07/16/2015 -210 fpm Arrived
AALNC5 Dan McMahan B737 KPHX KLAX 07/16/2015 -75 fpm Arrived
AALNC4 Dan McMahan B737 KLAS KPHX 07/14/2015 -383 fpm Arrived
AALNC3 Dan McMahan B737 KATL KLAS 07/14/2015 -505 fpm Arrived
AALNC2 Dan McMahan B737 KDAB KATL 07/12/2015 -91 fpm Arrived
AALNC1 Dan McMahan B737 KCLT KDAB 07/11/2015 -276 fpm Arrived